Understanding Food Nets and the Risk of Toxins in Marine Animals

Humans often throw plastic waste and waste in rivers and the sea. This irresponsible action will ultimately endanger the human body that consumes fish and sea animals that live in these waters. The food web system will help you understand it. Food webs are the link between one food chain and other food chains in an ecosystem. The food chain itself consists of one living being that consumes another living creature. Therefore, a living creature can eat more than one type of food and living things can be eaten by more than one other living creature, so the food webs are formed. If there is an imbalance or disruption in the food web system, there will be a health impact for all creatures involved in it, including humans. Stages of Food Webs An example of a simple food web phase that originated in plants can be compared to the following: Plants use sunlight to form seeds, leaves and fruit. Plants, for example grass, are then consumed by cattle as herbivores or first-degree consumers
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